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Click on one of the following topics to find links to other IH information on the Internet!

Every effort has been made to keep this list up to date. If you find a link that does not work or would like to suggest a new one, let us know.


Chemical Accident Prevention and Risk Management Planning-CEPPO

US Environmental Protection Agency Home Page




State of North Carolina Home Page

Search NC Legislative Bills-Find latest information on bills introduced in NC.

NC DENR Home Page

NC-DOL Home Page

N.C. Industrial Commission Home Page

NC State Register-Find latest regulatory information from NC State Register




The USDOL OSHA Home Page-General.

OSHA Technical Manual

Multiple links to searchable databases of OSHA citations. - Includes industries most cited for a given standard and OSHA standards most cited for an SIC Code




ATSDR-Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry

BLS-Bureau of Labor Statistics

CDC -Center for Disease Control

CPSC-Consumer Product Safety Commission

DOT- Department of Transportation

HAZMAT Safety-Office of Hazardous Materials Safety-DOT

NIEHS-National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

NIOSH Home Page

NIOSH Home Page (Spanish)

NRC-Nuclear Regulatory Commission

OPS-Office of Pipeline Safety-DOT

RSPA-Research and Special Programs Administration-DOT

Links to State and Local Governments on the Net




State of South Carolina-Public Information Home Page

Search SC Legislative Bills-Find latest information on bills introduced in SC.

SC State Register-Find latest regulatory information from SC State Register

SC-DHEC-SC Department of Health and Environmental Control.


SC General Assembly Information-Information on all aspects of SC Legislature.




Download ADOBE ACROBAT-Software to access many OSHA and EPA .pdf files

Download Internet Explorer-Browser software

Download Netscape Navigator Software-Browser software




The online course previously listed here was deleted. Will add more course information when found.




ENVIRO$ENSE-Links to multiple pages for Pollution Prevention.

Internet Resources for the Environmental Scientist-Links to other environmental sites.




ERGOWEB- Highly recommended. Must register. Includes online checklists.

Federal OSHA's Ergonomics Home Page

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

NC Ergonomics Resource Center-Center jointly operated by NC-DOL and NCSU.




EPA's IAQ Home Page

OSHA's IAQ Home Page

Indoor Environmental Quality Strategies-Online excerpts from IEQ Strategies Newsletter.




ABIH-American Board of Industrial Hygiene

ACGIH-American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienist

ACHMM-Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (National)

ACHMM, Queen City Chapter- Queen City Chapter (Charlotte, NC) of the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (Local Chapter)

ACHMM, Magnolia Chapter- Magnolia Chapter (Aiken, SC) of the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (Local Chapter)

AICHE-American Institute of Chemical Engineers

AIHA-American Industrial Hygiene Association Home Page

AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs

AIHA Local Sections on the Web

APHA-American Public Health Association

ASSE-American Society of Safety Engineers

Local Chapters:

ASSE, NC Chapter (Durham, NC)-American Society of Safety Engineers, NC local chapter

ASSE, Triad Chapter (Greensboro, NC)-American Society of Safety Engineers, NC Triad local chapter

Army Industrial Hygiene Program WWW Home Page

HPS-Health Physics Society (National)

HPS, NC Chapter-Health Physics Society (NC Chapter)

IARC-International Agency for Research on Cancer

IOHA-International Occupational Health Association

NFPA-National Fire Protection Association

NSC-National Safety Council

NVLAP -National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program

Safety and Health Council of NC- NSC local chapter for NC

WHO-World Health Organization




Chemfinder-Searchable site which links to multiple chemical hazard home pages.

Chemical Abstracts Service

Health and Safety Related Electronic Mail Lists

Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page


MMWR-Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

National Library of Medicine-Includes free access link to Medline

NIOSH Online Manual of Analytical Methods

NIOSH Online Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards




Where to Find MSDS on the Internet




Health and Safety Related Internet Resources

Industrial Hygiene and Safety Web Sites

OSHWEB-Index of Occupational Safety and Health Resources



REGULATORY RESOURCES - A one-stop web site for viewing and commenting on Federal Regulations.

The Code of Federal Regulations

1995-2002 Federal Register-Searchable. Same day access for new FR notices!

GPO Access Databases-Searchable databases of Federal legislation, regulations, etc.

OSHA's Regulations and Compliance Links

US Regulatory Agenda- Look up latest schedules for planned regulations.




Google General purpose search engine.

Alta-Vista Search -Search engine. Find Internet sites by searching on key words.

Switchboard- Essentially an Internet White and Yellow Pages.

Thomas Register Home Page-Search for products and/or vendors. Must register.

WhoWhere? Email Addresses-Search Internet for email addresses




ANSI -American National Standards Institute

ASTM-American Society for Testing and Materials

ILO - Safework - Occupational Safety and Health Branch of ILO

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