Mark your Calendars!

 AIHA Carolinas Spring PDC/Conference

March 16-18, 2022

Raleigh, NC. 

Stayed Tuned for Details!


Thanks to the AIHA Carolinas Fall 2021 Vendors 



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eLearning Subscription 2021

The Carolinas-AIHA is pleased to announce that we have continued the eLearning Subscription series for our members and purchased the subscription for 2021! Check out the eLearning Subscriber's webpage for more information. The 2021 eLearning Subscription Members page is a convenient place that has all the information you’ll need. This page contains upcoming and archived offerings


As a roster member of the 2021 eLearning Subscription, you receive access to the recordings of our 2021 AIHA University Webinars and select AIHce OnDemand Recordings. 


Here are the steps to maximize your participation in the program: 

Step 1: Bookmark the 2021 eLearning Subscribers Page

( .Take a look at the section labeled Information for Group Participants which provides helpful info about accessing the online classroom, getting your login credentials, submitting for credit, and accessing your AIHA transcript.  It also provides descriptions for each of the offerings in the program, which you may need for your certification maintenance paperwork.


Step 2: Login to the online classroom ( with your AIHA credentials, and confirm that the course “2021 AIHA eLearning Subscription” is listed for you.  The following sessions have been posted under this course for you as a participant in the program:

  • ·AIHce OnDemand: Hearing Loss Prevention - What Have You Done for the Worker Today?

  • ·AIHce OnDemand: Why We Can, Must, and Will Become Better Leaders

  • ·AIHce OnDemand: Sampling and Analytical Challenges in Meeting Ever Lower OELs for Metals and Metalloids

  • ·AIHce OnDemand: New NIOSH Method Using Evacuated Canisters for Exposure and Indoor Air Quality

  • ·AIHA Webinar: The Lens of Minority Populations in the Workplace During COVID-19


Step 3: View a session and submit for credit. 

After you view a session in it’s entirety, you can submit for credit on the Submit Credit tab.  Please indicate the name of your subscription group, your company , on the first question to be sure your group is able to track your participation.  Your AIHA transcript will be automatically updated.

Please note that the overall deadline to view content associated with the 2021 subscription and submit for credit is December 31, 2021.  Don’t wait to get started – there’s 5 contact hours of credit available to you right now, with more to come over the coming months!

What if I don’t have AIHA credentials or don’t know mine?  No worries – if you didn’t already have an account with us, we created one for you in setup.  Just use the forgot password link on the login screen.  If you run into any issues, send us an email at with the name of your subscription group, and we will get you sorted out.

We look forward to your group's participation.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions.

Training Opportunities-August 2021

AHERA Building Inspection for Asbestos Refresher  Wednesday 8/25/2021  8am - noon

AHERA Management Planner for Asbestos Refresher Wednesday 8/25/2021 1pm - 5pm

AHERA Designing Asbestos Abatement Refresher Thursday 8/26/2021 8am - 5pm

AHERA Supervising Asbestos Abatement Refresher Friday 8/27/2021 8am - 5pm


Comprehensive Industrial Hygiene (CIH) Review Course, September 13-17, 2021.

All courses in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Also, don’t forget about our self-paced, online Ethics course for IH and Safety Professionals!


More information about NC OSHERC at